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Get An Extra Ten Years of Life Out of Your Air Conditioner
and Grill By Doing This One Simple Thing

Ben Franklin said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Yet many people don't really understand this until their air conditioning unit goes out right in
the middle of the hottest month of the year. Then they are stuck with a sweltering abode
and an unexpected $2,000 bill to replace their air conditioning unit.

However, when you follow Ben's wise words you save
yourself a lot of headaches and "C notes" (those are dollar bills).

The way you protect your air conditioning unit is to not allow snow and rain to rust
out your precious cooling unit in the summer.

The way you do this is by allowing Sew Your Boat to create a custom
AC or Grill cover for your unit.

Yes, besides our award winning quality of boat canvas, we also provide air conditioning and grill covers. That's right have your valuable outdoor items protected with our durable, high-grade material. The same material that protects boats all summer long in hot and cold elements. The same material that has made Sew Your Boat's customers extremely happy.

Save Money by Protecting Your Outdoor Valuables with
Durable AC and Grill covers by Sew Your Boat

In the long run, you save yourself a ton of headaches and dollar bills
by allowing Jeff to construct a high quality vinyl air conditioning or grill cover.

Jeff custom fits every item you want covered so there is no wavy or saggy vinyl.
He travels to your house or workplace and measures every nook and cranny so
the canvas lays properly. If it doesn't fit exactly how Jeff envisioned it once its done,
he will take it back to the shop to perfect it. He is that ANAL! Or shall I say he's a perfectionist,
and it works out to your benefit. It looks so professional and beats those generic, cheap covers you get at an hardware store
you'll be glad you hired Jeff.

He has a special rate going on these AC and grill covers but you must ACT fast.
Call him to set up your appointment NOW... Call: 419-215-1093


Jeff Almas

"The Canvas King" ™



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