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What Questions to Ask For a Better Boat Canvas Design


by Jeff Almas

Wow this is a topic that could get really long if we wanted. Design is so specific to each boat that you have to really think and get a professional opinion on what type of boat canvas design fits your boat.

First let’s talk about Cockpit covers for your boat canvas. Do you want an over the windshield cover that protects the instruments and dash or just a regular cover that does not cover the windshield? There are some reasons to consider both like how much exposure to sun and rays, cost, look, etc. Every boat is different.

How about Mooring covers for your boat canvas? Is it easy enough for you to put on? Can you do it one half at a time? Is your boat always on a trailer? Are your snaps above or below your gunnel rail? How high do the vinyl seats sit above the fiberglass or frame rails? As you can see there are many questions here as well. Let us help you in these decisions.

Let’s talk about camper packages for your boat canvas...

Do you take your boat canvas down regularly or leave it up always?

If you do take it down do you have boats?

Do you enter your boat from the rear, the side, or both?

Do you want more privacy or do you want lots of light and ventilation?

Should your clear vinyl roll up or roll down?

Should your Bimini top, Convertible top, or Camper top have zippered openings?

Are the areas where the boat canvas meets or around the framework closed or are there openings that could leak easily?

How many curtains do you want for the rear camper package part of the boat canvas?

Do you have enough room for 2 curtains or just one? How about the aft curtain?

Is there room for one, two, or three curtains?

How about the front connector, do you need a one piece, a two piece, a three piece, or 1 piece separated by three sections.

What type of zippers do you have and which way do they zip? What type of snaps are you using?

Are they stainless steel?

Once again there is a world of decisions to make and I have only touched on a few. Please do not be too hasty when choosing boat canvas designs. They are very important decisions. Boat canvas is something that should last 10 plus years if you take care of it properly so take the time you need to make a good decision. To discuss this topic more feel free to call us at 419-215-1093.


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