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Boat Canvas Do's and Don'ts


by Jeff Almas

So many boaters are unfortunately misled when they are told what finished canvas is.

There is so many companies out there that will say your job is finished, and when you look at it you may think it is but is it really.

Are all of the edges of the canvas finished on the inside and out?

Is the glass lines covered correctly?

Is the outside bound or is it tucked?

What gauge glass do you have?

What type of material do you have?

And much much more.

Think about paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for canvas that you have to live with because you already paid for a job that doesn’t look anywhere near as good as the next boat you see. There is so much to consider that it is almost confusing. The shame is that you will never know unless you see finished canvas or someone tells you the proper way.

When canvas is properly finished it will maximize the beautiful look of one of your most prize possession. You really should start with the right material. There is too much information to go over in this letter but we here at Sew Your Boat, located in Toledo, Ohio, can show you all the right moves to make if you would like.

We will talk to you about all the options so you understand clearly what the best decision is for you. There is material for every season and also for different ways that you use your boat, if your marina has a lot of dust, do you clean your canvas a lot, or are you in salty conditions etc.

The edges of your canvas are also important.

Does the company you choose reinforce the canvas correctly at every wear point?

Do they use vinyl reinforcement and/or other cheap shrinking materials?

Do they bind the edges?

Do they fold the edges which is faster, cheaper, and does not look anywhere near as good?

Make sure you get the bound edges it is a much better look and helps reinforce the canvas even more.  Also when your glass is sewn into the canvas typical canvas shops skimp and do NOT cover the edges with binding or reinforcement to give the glass a total finished look inside and out. These are important things to consider because if the inside doesn’t look as finished as the outside then you do not have a good canvas. Why settle?

Let’s talk a little about fasteners.

What type do you get when your canvas is done?

If you accept anything else but stainless steel fasteners you are making the wrong move. It is so important to have a solid fastener that will hold up for years rather than one that will oxidize and be very difficult to snap in a short period of time.

The only other option that would be acceptable is a nickel top and a stainless bottom. Any part that snaps to the boat and actually contacts the snaps should be stainless to stainless.

There are other fasteners we here at Sew Your Boat, located in Toledo, Ohio, can talk about if you would like to call or stop in. There are many boat fasteners so choosing the right one is very important. It really depends on the application or what type of boat that you have. Too much to talk about right now, so again give us a call or stop by and we will gladly talk to you about the best option for your boat.

There are many other canvas options to discuss that we will write about later so check back and we will fill you in as much as possible to make your canvas exactly what you think it should be and more.

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