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Attention Boat Lovers and Business-Mind Entrepreneurs:

How to Create an Extra Revenue Stream and/or Start a New Career Doing What You Love


Dear Friend,

Let's faceit, these days many folks are looking for work, sending countless resumés to thousands of employers.

Guess what? You have more chance of hitting the lottery than actually being called in for an interview. And once you get in, most likely there are stacks of other candidates being considered.  The whole process can be utterly frustrating and depressing.


Well, what if you had an opportunity to learn new skills while enjoying the good life of creating your own schedule on your own terms. What if you could invest your time to learning a new trade to control your own destiny and begin building a wildly successful business instead of polishing your resumé or hoping for a call back?

It’s possible! Thousands of people are saying screw Corporate America and taking their future into their own hands. Don't believe me? Just pick up a copy of Entrepreneur magazine.

If this resonates with you, then you have come to the right place. Please read on.

Hi, my name is Jeff, and I am the owner of Sew Your Boat, and I am offering a way for you to learn a fascinating business.

Really, I have the best job in the world. I mean just about everyday I am on the water in a boat with the best scenery. I have decided to share my passion of coaching and boating to many others at a very affordable price. I will teach you to either pick up a great hobby, a great second income, or an incredible new career where you will be your own boss and deal with some of the greatest people on earth, boaters.

My classes will start from the beginner learning basic sewing machine techniques and skills all the way to the most intricate boat canvas.

We will teach you how to make all the different types of boat canvas and also the marine upholstery industry. This is a business that is a skilled trade and has to be taught. We will make it possible for you to make a canvas as basic as a standard cockpit cover all the way to a full camper package enclosure. So do you want to stare at the same four walls at your present job, or would you like to have my most relaxing scenery and lucrative career.

We offer lots of support even after you complete your classes, we have workbooks to reference anytime you need to, and we have small classes so individual attention to maximise my focus on you.

Here are more class details ...


Class 1 Meets mid February

Canvas 101 The Beginning

  • What type of machines you will want to use.
  • What type of thread you will want to use.
  • How to oil and maintain your machine.
  • What type of pulley you want
  • How to thread, rethread, and change bobbin
  • How to control different fabrics and vinyl through machine
  • Different materials and best selection.
  • Learn the different fasteners and best applications.
  • Learn the different tools
  • Learn marketing techniques.
  • Sewing multiple layers of vinyl into a corner.
  • How to do welt cord properly.
  • Straight stitch, top stitch and darts
  • Straight binding and corners.
  • Folding material instead of binding
  • Repairing zippers, clear vinyl, and installation of canvas
  • Understanding of different hardware and applications.
  • How to fit, layout, sew, and install cockpit, mooring, and travel covers.
  • Hours of training on an industrial sewing machine.


Class 2 Meets mid April

Canvas 202 The Intermediate

  • Learn more advanced fitting techniques.
  • Learn patterning and layout techniques.
  • Learn Bow pockets, mid bow pockets, and the continued fitting of more difficult processes.
  • Learn frame measuring, bending and installation techniques and applications
  • Learn the fitting, layout and applications of clear vinyl glass such as front connector, and side curtains.
  • Learn the different types of clear vinyl glass to use in different situations.
  • This class will revisit some of the cockpit cover lessons and also teach how to complete a top, sides, and aft enclosure with both a front connector and without.
  • Learn the convertible top and the bimini top.
  • You will all have your own machine and the classes will be kept small so individual attention is maximized.
  • This is a detailed workshop that will give you great perspective on the canvas industry.
  • There is a workbook for future reference.


Canvas 303 Marine Upholstery

  • This course includes complete marine upholstery. We will cover disassembling cushions, patterning, sewing, and installation of different marine cushions.
  • We will also go over these applications,
  • Zipper types, and installation
  • Different sewing techniques, seams, and when to use.
  • Different types of vinyl
  • Tricks with foam, and what types of foam to use.
  • Striping, and multi color jobs.
  • Captain seats, bolster, and V-berth cushions
  • Seat backing and aesthetic processes.
  • How to cut and form foam to become a cushion.
  • We will discuss and make a 4 sided cushion and also one that has a wood or plastic back.
  • There is a workbook for future reference. 


Canvas 404 The Advanced Course

  • This is a course that will complete your training in the canvas industry. This is a course that will go through the complete camper package enclosure, and bridge enclosure. This is a 7 day course and will put you in a position to be a complete canvas person from start to finish.
  • We will fit, sew and install both the bimini and the rear camper top.
  • We will fit the side curtains, front connector, and all rear curtains.
  • We will learn to layout, sew, and install all phases of canvas on the camper package.
  • We will go over all glass applications and techniques.
  • We will show inside finishing of all canvas.
  • We will show all zipper applications, multiple bow pockets, and how to make the canvas leak proof.
  • We will work on an actual customers boat, and we will have a small class so that we can maximize individual attention.
  • Each student will have hands on experience on all phases of the job.
  • We will show you how to improve design of other canvas.


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