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303 Aerospace Protectant


303 PROTECTANT immediately restores original color and gloss to faded fiberglass without buffing. Does a 20' boat in 30 minutes or less. Fiberglass stays showroom new with periodic spray on/wipe-off applications, usually every 45-60 days of exposure. Utilizes powerful ultraviolet screening technology developed for the aerospace industry.

Tested, used and recommended by major boat builders. An intense beautifier and the ultimate protection for inflatables. Use on fiberglass, vinyl, rubber, Plexiglas, plastics and sailcloth.
This is a one step product It is water repellent, detergent resistant and also will not attract any dust.

• 16oz - $13.99 (Plus S&H)
• 32oz - $18.99 (Plus S&H)
• 128oz (1 gal.) - $53.99 (Plus S&H)





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