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Aqua-Tite Water Repellent

Aqua-Tite Silicone Water Repellent premium grade heavy duty canvas waterproofing solution contains 10% silicone. Aqua-Tite Canvas Water Repellent restores the water repellency of cotton or synthetic fabrics/canvas.

Aqua-Tite Water Repellent can be used on flame resistant fabrics/canvas without affecting the flame resistant properties.
Waterproofing solution is neutral in color and is suitable for use on all colors, however it may impart a slightly darker, richer tone to some lighter color fabrics. Clean brush or applicator with minearl spirits after each canvas waterproofing application

• 1 quart - $29.99 (Plus S&H)
• Gallon - $63.99 (Plus S&H)







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